The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

You know how they say if a boy likes a girl, he will make her life miserable through pranks and jokes. I hated that saying. If a guy annoys the fuck out of me how can he have a crush on me? But see this book takes the story and makes it something completely different.
A girl who grew up playing with two boys in her neighborhood, both brothers. The older one was hell bent on making her life miserable but the younger one was always there for her or so she thought. The story starts from childhood, showing the innocence of first crushes and losing virginity, and travels to the adult life, with coming terms to your past and falling for someone you never thought you will.
A 180 page story about love to relax after a long day and get lost on the romance of someone other than yourself. It is a light, easy book worth a read.


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