The Scars Keeper by Scarlet Wolfe

​Sometimes a book isnt good at all. But it touches you so deep that you cant seem to let go. You relate to the character so much that you feel the book effecting your daily moods and bringing up the memories you had hidden. 

For me, the scars keeper was that book. The language was okay and so the story.  It wasnt blow your brains amazing or even keep you up at night intriguing. There was little character developement and there were many points where the writer should have given details but did not. 

The story is of a young girl who falls for the school’s shy boy and his guitar tunes. The girl has been burndened with high expectations and is abused by her teacher for getting a passing grade. 

This was a good story for people out there who have been taken advantage of by someone in authority but the thing is not everyone gets a prince charming to save you. It would have been much better if the girl would have reported the teacher and gotten rid of her problems herself and then found the guy she would love for her life. 

This book is good if you are looking for something therapatic to read. 


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