As I Descended by Robin Tally

I never understood what people meant when they said that this book was a rollercoaster of feelings. But I got it. This book was a rollercoaster of feelings. It was beautiful and ugly. It was the best and the worst. At one time I would be so happy and the next moment I would be crying. At one time I would be cursing Maria and the next I would want to crawl inside the book and give her a hug.
As I descended is a nonromantic book about love. See that is a paradox. As is this book. It shows how high school fights can escalate to a deadly extinct and how teenagers who should be concentrating on getting a good education and enjoying their young years, worry about money. The irony is that to earn a good pay, you need a degree and to get that degree you need a good pay.
I enjoyed Mateo and Brandon’s relationship much more than Lily and Maria. The two girls crossed lines and did injustice to Delilah, no matter how much of a bitch she was, they are just 16. Maria had a complex personality. Her character development was commendable. She went from being the victim to making other victims.
The book was so good. It was one of those which makes you go into a book hangover and require a few days to snap out of it. But the ending was hauntingly perfect. It is a must read for anyone who is a fan of high school romances and fights.


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