Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

OH MY GOD!!!! Colleen Hoover did it once again. I as bawling like a baby at the end. It was beautiful. It was heartbreaking. It was refreshing. It was terrifying. It was hilarious. It was everything. And all at the same time.
She narrates two stories side by side. One of Mile’s present and one of his past. The present story is light at first. He meets a girl. They make an agreement to have sex without any complications. Same old. Same old. This story slowly increase in intensity. Tate finds out she is in love with him. He says he is incapable of love. The past story is also light at first. Miles is a teenage guy crushing on the new girl at school. It shows the nervousness of first kisses and losing your virginity and first love. This also turns intense with time.
And then comes a point when both stories are at their climax. And you want to skip chapters and read ahead and make the story go faster. But you are so absorbed that you can’t. You are hanging on to every word and every action. And sometimes you are rereading and then realizing you wasted a minute. You are now a whole more minute away from the ending.
And then the ending strikes, and tears are rushing down your face and you close the book. You put it aside so carefully as if it might break. And you curl into a ball and you cry. You cry for miles and for Rachel and for Tate and then you realize at least the ending was happy. And then you take out your laptop and start typing this review. Yeah this book was a roller coaster of emotions but it hit all the right places.


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