Swear on this life by Rene Carlino

I don’t know if it’s happening to just me or everyone but lately every time I sit down to read a book by the second chapter I have already guessed the plot and the ending and mostly it turns out as expected. The monotony of novels have bored me. Same story is repeated again and again.

But this book. Damn this book is so awesome. It takes the old story of growing up in an abusive neighborhood and falling in love with your neighbor and turns it into something so gut-wrenching and heart clenching that you can’t dare to put it down once you have started it.

The girl and the boy both love novels (what else can you possibly ask for?). Their story is woven through books and words. The journey from childhood to adult hood is shown. The power of creating love without blood and the power of keeping blood alive. The strength of love. The tragedy of suicide. The regrets of old age. The power pf adults. Teenage romance and comfort. This novel covers it all and covers it so beautifully that it will leave you in tears.

I wrote short because I could not convince myself to give out any spoilers. So please go read this novel. Because I feel like I owe it to others to make them experience it.


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