Across the Universe

I haven’t really been reading. I am applying to Princeton and well it’s hectic to say the least. But yeah I just finished Across the Universe series by Beth Ravis (again) and it was…well weird. It is a sci-fi novel with a really good storyline. It tells the story of a girl who has been frozen to be taken to another planet which is 300 years away. The ship on which she is loaded is a generation ship. She is woken up early and discovers abnormal human behavior among the people of the ship. A love affair develops between the leader of the ship and the girl. The leader is chosen pretty young, both of them are just 16 years old.

The trilogy was unique, different from other stories. The first book was written perfectly and ended on a cliffhanger. The way the girl’s emotions were described, the human behavior, the running of the ship, transported me to another world. The ending was commendable. It ended with a secret. It ended leaving perfect amount of curiosity to pick up the next novel and not wait a single moment. The second novel was good too. We came to know a bit more about the boy, the love story develops, the abnormal behavior wore off and rebellion started reflecting the true nature of mankind and the human curiosity. The third novel showed them landing on the new planet and the challenges they faced. The way Ravis uncovered the real story behind the stuff in the previous two books was awesome. You can’t put down this book halfway between, it is that good. The ending was a little abrupt but the climax part pretty much compensated for it because it was so freaking good.

I haven’t read anymore from this author but I surely will give it a try. I read the first book of this trilogy for the Sep-Oct-Nov Bingo in the category for ‘Purple Cover’.


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