You Against Me by Lena Dunham

Different. Exciting. Gripping. Horrifying. His book has all the best. The story revolves around two families. A boy has raped a girl and is facing charges against the rape. The boy’s family knows that he is innocent. He belongs from a rich, influential family. His father believes in getting victory at all costs. The family kinda reminded me of Spencer’s from Pretty Little Liars.

The girl he rapes sleeps around a lot and is portrayed as a brat. She lives with her sister, her brother and her alcoholic mother. Her brother keeps the family going. He has to drop and pick up his little sister from school and has to earn to put food on the family’s table. When he hears about the rape, he goes to the guy’s home along with his friend to kill the man who hurt his sister. But there he meets the guy’s sister. He pretends to get to know her so he can figure out a way to hurt her brother. But along the way, they fall in love.

What justice was unable to do, love accomplishes. The story was crazy and bumpy and twisted and all other things. It keeps you on the edge. It doesn’t let you keep the novel down. It sucks you in and keeps you attracted till the end. It was one of the best reads.


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