Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Every story you hear changes you. Every book you read helps you grow. You have a reaction to every good novel. It may be just a little smile at when the happy ending happens or you may be burst in tears when the tragedy strikes. But every book you read, develops you as a person.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson is one of the best and perfectly timed books I have read. You know those times when you are going through a rough patch in your life and somehow you see someone or you read about someone who pulled through that same thing and you wonder if this is just you reading into it or a really weird coincidence.

The book started out about a girl whose father has fallen ill so she returns to his family’s vacation home after 5 years to spend the summer with her dad. We are hinted that she did something wrong and she fears facing whatever she did. Because of her actions she is bitter with her ex-boyfriend who she may still love and her best friend. The plot reminded me kinda of We Were Liars but the reason turned to be petty and the main focus was on her dad getting cancer. And then the book highlights on her and her father’s relationship and the love they share and their jokes and the little things between a father and a daughter.

The best thing? The relationship of father and daughter. It was wonderfully told. The dialogues, the interactions. Both characters were strong. And that was maybe the strongest point in favor of the book. The love story although developed nicely during the book, the future and the way the heroine was reacting, the past was pretty stupid.

So yeah I liked this book maybe cause I could relate to it but I cried at the end.


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