His Scar by Erin E. Keller

This was a M/M romance novel so yeah it was different than what I have read. I totally loved the M/M genre and I am so gonna try more of this. But to be specific this novel wasn’t that good.

It started out real nice. A guy who has been involved in a car accident and has now gotten a scar on a side of his face. At the start we know know about his self loathing and his need to hide from people because he hates to see people cringe. He drowns his sorrows in alcohol and books (TOTALLY SWOON WORTHY!!!). He has a dying relationship with his boyfriend. He breaks it off and a tattoo artist seduces him. Although his character at the start was you good and smooth, by the middle of the novel I wanted to slap him and tell him to grow the eff up! I mean he leaves with his ex boyfriend instead of going to his boyfriends’ house for Christmas. He doesn’t talk to his boyfriend. He doesn’t open up. I get that you were scarred but your 25 for god’s sake. Have some courage. I get that you don’t talk to strangers but the guy who is always smiling and who you been seeing for a month, at least talk to him.

The tattoo artist, on the other hand, started out as a weak character but grew up into a strong one. He was persistent and he talked when he had to. He kept smiling and faced his life with a positive attitude. He got angry on the occasions he deserved to. He didn’t throw temper tantrums like a six year old.

The novel wasn’t good. In fact I so wanted to close it after the first few chapters but I have this thing that I don’t leave a novel uncompleted or it haunts me for life. That thing was the only reason I finished this anti-climatic, anti-good novel. :\



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