Eleanor And Park by Rainbow Rowell

Some books have an awesome story. The story is so complex and beautiful that it leaves you dumbfounded and you are stuck in that moment reminding that story again and again and trying to get your head wrapped around it. This book does not have that kind of story. In fact it has no story except narrating some days from two teenagers’ life and yet it leaves you dumbfounded.

Eleanor is a girl who wears men clothes and have all kind of scarves wrapped around her. She lives with her mother, three brothers, one sister and an abusive stepfather. They live in a shabby house with no door for a bathroom. Park is a half-Korean boy who grew up in a really good family with a mother and father who love each other so much that sometimes it becomes gross.

She wants to escape her life, he wants to be who he wants to be. Two people from opposite worlds. They meet in the school bus and after a long silence their friendship grows through comic books and music. Park lends her his headphones and his comics. They listen to The Smiths and have late night conversations on phone. They talk and get to know each other. The friendship develops into love. This book shows what it means to be in love. How your emotions go wild and things stop making sense anymore.

Rainbow Rowell has, as always, written a hauntingly perfect novel.


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