The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L Armentrout

Novels are like people. You fall in love with some. Maybe for their story. Maybe for how they look. Maybe for the way they are written. It doesn’t matter. But just like a person, when you fall in love, you cant stop thinking about how beautiful it was or what made it that way.

I fell in love with this novel. Not for its love story. Many other novels have this kinda storyline. The girl and guy are together in an abusive foster home. They get separated. They meet again and fall in love. This is a recurring idea and many writers have used it. some dialogues, however, hit a nerve in the heart and made those tears fall anyway,

“Love was the way I could forget about everything when I was with him. Love was the catch in my breath when he looked at me in his intense way. Love was the gasp he could draw out of me with the simplest of touches. Love was the way I could…I could be myself around him, know that I didn’t need to be perfect or worry about what he was thinking, because he accepted me. And all of that?

Love scared the hell out of me.”

The beauty in this novel was the relationship between the girl and her foster parents. It was beautiful. It was worth drying over. It reminded me of the arguments and the problems that a teenage girl usually faces with her parents. It was beautiful and touched me way more than the love story. It was unique. Everyone writes about how the system breaks you down but only some can pull off the story of the system breaking you down and then building you up.


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